Tab stops in Microsoft Office 2011 OSX

Apologies for the COMPLETELY DIFFERENT topic, but I spent a lot of time trying to format some stuff, so I’m recording this for next time I want to do this.

Step 1: place the curser near the text you want to align, and double click in the ruler bar area. A small black bent arrow should appear. It will probably point toward the right.

Step 2: double click on the arrow in the ruler bar. A dialog box should appear. Depending on how many tab stops you have, one or more numbers will appear in a list on the left under ‘Tab stop position’. Select the tab stop of interest. In my case, it was the second/last stop. To get the arrow to point toward the left/align the text on the right side of the document, click the ‘right’ selector under ‘Alignment’.

Step 3: Hit save. Drag the arrow to where you want to text to line up. Be happy!

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