Development Environment: Ready!

The folks at MakerSquare have recommended OSX for the course, and I had an exciting time getting everything updated and installed. I ran into a few problems getting set up, but thankfully, none of them were at all un-fixable, though I still have a lingering  error message I keep seeing every time I open Terminal. However, it can wait until tomorrow, and this seems like the sort of situation likely to get me into trouble if I try to mess with it myself. I have at least enough knowledge to get me into trouble, so it seems the best plan to wait until I have some experts in my immediate vicinity. My familiarity with the command line in OS X is largely from a class on phylogenetic analysis, which is to say I was largely typing in things as written on a worksheet or projected from the instructors computer at the front of the room, so there is a lot I know I don’t know.

I’m excited to learn about the tools I’ve installed. All my previous experience has been with the vanilla terminal, but it looks like we have some interesting things! So far I’m really enjoying SizeUp. I’ve been working with Windows 7 at work, and I really enjoy the automatic window resizing, so bringing that to the Mac is pretty great! I don’t know if I’ve been this excited for a first day of school in a long time!

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