Today, I am very thankful that I have ‘previous experience’ using the command line. Turns out, I need to stop underestimating how much I know, because turns out, I remember quite a lot! Which was really useful, because today, we jumped right in to learning about git and github, and I think I understand! No longer do I have mysterious incantations or un-remember-able commands. I (mostly) know what I’m doing with basic Git commands. And I’m comfortable typing stuff into the command line, and even more comfortable when I know what it is supposed to do. As part of our exercise today, we wrote up a nice little ‘git cheat sheet’, which will really come in handy while I get more practice using git.

I’m also really pleased that ‘writing webpages in Notepad in college’ translates really well into ‘I remember how to do this’ when doing our beginning HTML and CSS work. Thanks, past self! You did good!

I also learned a valuable lesson in making sure you have scrolled alllllll the way down to the bottom of the documentation for the thing you are having trouble with, because there might be some help all the way down there at the bottom. I’m not sure if I could have fixed my problem with the boxen install with that knowledge, but when I saw that today, I definitely had a bit of a ‘d’oh’ moment. Lessons learned all around.

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